Pakistani minority women work under a shadow of fear. By Sheraz Khurram Khan

The degree of unease confronted by women from minorities’ communities at their places of work in Pakistan is far greater as compared to their male counterparts. In a conservative Pakistani society most of them find it extremely hard to bring their household round on embarking upon a professio


Heaven and Hell in the Koran and Gospel. By : Khalid Mansoor Soomro

Introduction to Qur`an The Qur`an is a very small book, only about half as big as the New Testament and one twelfth as big as the whole Bible. In general, the 114 books of the Qur`an are arranged with the longest ones in the beginning and the shortest ones at the end. The first 10 books have a minim


“PEACE” A poem BY Dr. Stephen Gill

Where creeds are not crushed
and human gods do not feed
the vultures of war
that island of yours
defends the dignity of the freedom
that is distinctive and charming.
Where life is not anchored
to strands of zealots
and crocodiles of disharmony
do not roam around
that delta of yours


Sacred Duty of Pakistan Army. By Bishop T. Nasir

As an old soldier of Pakistan Army, this is my duty to defend and deny any or all criticism on Pakistan Army from any or all quarters. In recent times there are a number of people questioning the role of Army in national affairs of Pakistan. Most recently the maintenance of law and order and to stre


Give Inter-faith harmony a chance in Pakistan. By Sheraz Khurram Khan

It is indisputable fact that a religion plays pivotal role in ones life. However, slapping of a religion on the other person is something that must be outrightly condemned. Regrettably, the tendency of foisting upon of Islam on people following faiths other than it (Islam) is on the rise in Pakistan


‘Progressive Islam’ in Pakistan: Reflections on a Visit. By Yoginder Sikand

Home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, Pakistan describes itself as an ‘Islamic Republic’. Yet, radical Islamist as well as traditionalist ulama groups alike bemoan the fact that Pakistan is hardly an ‘Islamic’ state in the sense that they imagine the t


Stolen Brides of Sindh. On the other side of the Thar, Hindus, especially girls, are forced into Islam. By MARIANA BAABAR

Hindus In Pakistan
Hindus constitute about 2.5 per cent, or 26 lakh, of Pakistan’s population. Though sprinkled all over Pakistan, 95 per cent of Hindus are in Sindh. Only Tharparkar district in Sindh has Hindus in majority: 51 per cent. Other districts with sizeable population: Mirpur Khas


Plight of the Balochis of Pakistan: Overshadowed by the war against terror. ACHR Review

With an area of 3,47,188 square kilometers that is larger than the combined area of Punjab and Sindh and constitutes about 44 percent of Pakistan, Balochistan imbroglio has recently come to international spotlight. To an average and uninformed reader, Balochistan is a place were Pakistani security f


The Essence of Organizational Leadership. By Mohammed Akmal Pasha

Organizational leadership is the social context of single-handedness; and the traits required thereby are not commercially marketed, rather are granted by Nature. Though leadership skills may be cultivated, nurtured and then materialized; still they may lack the touch of natural giftedness. As some


Bernard Schnee, Senior Minister of First International Doer’s Ministry successful in liberation of Bonded Christians and Hindus in Sindh province of Pakistan. “ Harri Camp” established in Kotri. PCP Report

It is a group of persecuted and enslaved families who had been suffering generation after generation under the heavy yoke of the landlords. Few years ago Pakistan Army Monitoring Cell started to deliver them from their underground jails/cells and they were encamped 15 km. away from Hyderabad near Si


What intellectuals should do —Ishtiaq Ahmed

We need to believe that all human beings possess two basic properties. First, each one of us can reason, even if in some people the skill is rudimentary and akin more to intuition than reflection. Second, each one of us has a conscience that helps us make moral decisions. The task is to improve the


Peace To You. By Khalid Mansoor Soomro

We live in troubled times. Bombs rain from the sky, fighting erupts in many countries, germs are prepared to eliminate nations, economies collapse, and hunger, fear and despair prevail. Many have lost hope for peace and harmony.
Christ warned us about the future: ”You will hear of wars and ru


There is actually no way to prove that the Arabic language even existed in the written more than 14 hundred years ago, as Koran is the only ancient most written document available to us in Arabic language. Asif

Brother Nisar Mohammad is quoting The Acts 2:8â€"11, where it states that there were Arabs among the crown, but his conclusion that the Arabic was spoken at Pentecost needs a bit more examination. Arabic language actually came out of the Aramic language. Arabic and is in fact a twisted form of Sy


Caring for our Living Planet. By Dr. Stephen Gill, Canada

Adlai Stevenson has given a beautiful analogy in which he compares the earth to a spaceship, carrying the present world population that is close to four billion. In order to survive it is imperative for every passenger to make a sane and planned use of all the limited facilities, including the oxyge


Ghalib: The Dominant One (Celebrating Ghalib’s 208th Birth Anniversary By Mohammed Akmal Pasha.

Ghalib; genius and a masterminded poet par excellence, a paragon of Urdu poetry and an identity of the Eastern literature, inhibiting perhaps many institutions in unison, and beyond any artifice of ceremonial comparison, a crude personification of a superbly refined creativity. For, such are the men

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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